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UK followers: Need yo advices

I really want to spend a day in London soon (this weekend or next) but I have nO IDEA what I’m doing. Idek where to start. Things I’d like to do:

  • Take a ride on the London Eye (by myself and look like a loser)
  • Not spend much money because I’m poor
  • Find Tom Hiddleston
  • Go to the Natural History Museum and nerd the fuck out
  • Go to a beautiful park and ponder about life
  • Find Tom Hiddleston
  • Sit in a huge, old library and cry because books

how do i go about doing this and what else do you suggest i do :D

  1. misterbogginshield answered: the london eye is awesome! you go in with a lot of people, so i imagine you wont look dumb. All i know for that is its near waterloo station.
  2. sherrygentleman answered: London eye’s pretty expensive (be warned). NHM you could get lost in forever (or I could) B
  3. arteedus answered: TAKE ME WITH YOU TO FIND TOM ;A;!
  4. itspuddingnotsweets answered: If you have a young persons pass, buy a travelcard (if you don’t buy one anyways), you can get on any train/tube/bus within the 6zones!
  5. pushingsian answered: Thor 2 is being filmed in Lincoln, like a couple hours from Birminham. I recommend the Tate
  6. pippiwaspbender answered: can i come with you to find Tom?
  7. alpha-alison-katherine answered: The Natural History Museum will take you all day, if you wanna really nerd out.
  8. peachsquash answered: The natural history museum is amazing definitely do that! I’m pretty sure there is a saver thing which lets you on all of the trains for £12
  9. spookiarys said: i would suggest you find a cheap bike tour through the london parks because it is gorgeous
  10. heroes-get-made answered: Hiddles is in the US right now, tho, isn’t he? Filming Thor 2?
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