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Thanks you guys for the responses to my citizenship post

To obstinatrix, I’m pretty sure that law is one of the first laws made for citizenship by descent or from pre-1983 because I’ve read on the UK border site that either parent is okay now.

Bah it doesn’t look like I’m eligible for a British citizenship :( because it says my father needs to be a British citizen “at the time of my birth” and I’m not really sure how to know that…My father was born in Scotland but grew up in Canada, so Idk if he would still be considered a British citizen. All I have is his birth certificate saying he was born in Scotland. Agh

  1. cardboardcupcake said: If he was born in the UK it’s possible that he still has citizenship? Double check and seeeeeeeeeeee
  2. cwhroswell said: If you are able to, call the UKBA they are quite helpful on the telephone but they hardly ever respond to emails.
  3. conflictsoldaccount said: What you need to find out is whether he kept dual citizenship (if Canada has that) or gave the British citizenship up.… :)
  4. catching-kisses said: we are a stupid nation with stupid rules
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