Jackie. A fandom blog full of fandom feels.

Mostly Supernatural, Merlin & J2. Check the tags for others.


Honourable mentions:

lightneverfades: The Fassavoy to my Cherik and the best vidder on YouTube.
odd-ood: My SPN con bff and the most awesome fangirl I’ve ever hung out with.

In order of fandoms:

eowynchester || caylawincest || cwhroswell || willyousmile || jimbeavers|| tardistardis-impala || travellerintime || myspecialhell || michelle-the-winchester

The Walking Dead
Norman Reedus, SPF, Boondock Saints
crossbowsandwalkers || the-squirrely-dixon || normans-nymphos || dontreedusthewrongway

X-Men: First Class
James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, McFassy
mcfiddles || miraclefucknut || tindu || groovy-mutation-luv

(I love everyone I follow, if I could I would include everyone on this list.)

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